Life 101

A few days back I had volunteered to help in a fair held for special kids. I was appointed to apply mehendi on the hands of little girls’. They all had some mental disorder. Some could not talk properly, some were par blind. My mehendi drawing skills, let’s just say it doesn’t exist. However, each one of them thanked me and complimented me for drawing such beautiful mehendi’s. 

That day, I realised that if these kids who are neglected by people, looked down upon, made fun of and called abnormal can be good to others, why can’t we, who are “normal”, do that? How much effort does it take to be polite? In the rush of this busy life, we have forgotten to respect ourselves as well as others. 

Those kids maybe financially, physically and mentally below us, but the one thing they have way more than us is happiness. Despite of living a challenging life, they have smiles on their faces. While we live our lush lives, we always have something or the other to complain about. What are we after? We need to stop running and look around. Take a deep breathe and start loving our life and people in it. 

Talking about people, how often have you gone upto a beloved one and told them how important they are? No, it doesn’t apply if you’re drunk or guilty. We constantly oversee the importance of our family and friends and take them for granted. Let’s not even talk about how we behave with strangers. Have you ever sent a smile (not the creepy one) towards the person sitting next to you in the train? Have you ever striked a conversation or were you in your own world with your earphones plugged in? 

We all have learned a set of magic words back in school but that’s it. Let’s start by saying a simple thank you to the rickshaw/cab driver or the vegetable vendor. A goodmorning to your neighbours or the sweeper. It doesn’t take much effort you know? Also, here’s a fun exercise, compliment atleast one stranger a day (again, not in a creepy way). Be it about their clothes, shoes, or bags. Trust me, one positive comment will make the rest of their day. 

Kindness doesn’t cost a thing, so lets sprinkle it everywhere and spread it as thick as you would nutella. 


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