Mother’s day.

You guessed it. This blog is all about that ONE person whose importance in life cannot be overestimated. What comes to our mind when we think of the the word “Mother”? For some it maybe the woman who gave them birth, who raised them to be the mighty fine individuals they are now while some look back to a dark past and an unhealthy childhood. Not everyone is blessed with a mother and believe it or not there are bad examples of parents too. Depressing? I know right. However we all know what a mother is, her role is in a child’s life as well as his development. There are theories that suggest the utmost importance of a female parent for a proper socialization of children. Other than that, we have made numerous cards each year on this occassion which have stated why moms are the best. 

Mother, as a figure, is supposed to loving, caring, gentle, tender, sacrificial and everything else rainbow-y. In short, like a unicorn. Or what Kenny Sebastian would term it as; a “Paavam”. But let’s be real here. Just like high romantic standards, literature and media has set over the top standards of what a “perfect mother” should be like and we all know, no one’s perfect.

This Mother’s Day, let’s redefine what a mother should be. Looking over the biological bond, she is your mother even if she hasn’t given birth to you. She is your mother even if she has known you just for the past one year. She is the mentor you go to when lost. She is someone who cares about you and loves you limitless despite the ups and downs. She may not have experienced your teenage tantrums, but she was there, crying her heart out the day you got married. She gives you the stink eye, even now, to keep you in check and admit it, it works. She maybe your sister, aunt, boss, grandmother, teacher or even your brother, father, grandfather or uncle because it doesn’t have to be “she”.

Express your love this Mother’s day to anyone and everyone who has been a strong pillar in your life and the lighthouse to your lost ship.


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