I am the wolf, She, my moon. The chaos in me, will die down soon. I see her through my eyes, wolf and human. Failing to reach, I growl, grunt and groan. My heart swells, As it hurts. I fall to my knees, Getting one with the dirt. Black eyes change to golden, as the … More Lycanthropy

A Man’s World

Slaps me and abuses me, He touches me wrong. As a property, to him it is I belong. Cheeks wet with tears Eyes have lost their shine Gripping my pallu Hiccoughing, I cried. They said no to dowry Marriage is not a transaction Silly me, I believed Tortured and blackmailed Almost beaten to death Got … More A Man’s World

Mother’s day.

You guessed it. This blog is all about that ONE person whose importance in life cannot be overestimated. What comes to our mind when we think of the the word “Mother”? For some it maybe the woman who gave them birth, who raised them to be the mighty fine individuals they are now while some … More Mother’s day.

Life 101

A few days back I had volunteered to help in a fair held for special kids. I was appointed to apply mehendi on the hands of little girls’. They all had some mental disorder. Some could not talk properly, some were par blind. My mehendi drawing skills, let’s just say it doesn’t exist. However, each … More Life 101

Be your own shero.

Fly away little girl, Spread your wings far and wide. Break through your cage, Refuse to abide. Turn every mirror into a window, Have the courage to do so. Life is a roller coaster, sometimes high sometimes low. Always step up when someone pushes you down, And face every challenge with a smile, not a … More Be your own shero.